Trinity Sunday 

The Sunday after Pentecost is the only time the Church celebrates a doctrine. While it has been the source of extensive debate across the centuries this Doctrine it is clearly shown in Scripture that God is revealed as Father Son and Holy Spirit. We should remind our selves that we have limitations and one of those is our ability to comprehend the Divine from the perceptions of humanity.

The Season of Pentecost

Fifty days after Passover the Jewish faith has the festival of Shavuot. This festival drew to Jerusalem people from all over the known world, so when the first Christians received the gift of the Holy Spirit there were people to carry the news of the risen Jesus across the known world. 

The celebration of Pentecost is some times called the birthday of the Church. Just as physical air is essential for physical life so the Holy Breath of God is essential for living life as a follower of Jesus Christ. In the pages of the New Testament we find the Holy Spirit is an essential dimension of the Church continuing the work of Jesus.

Today Christians continue to rely on the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in living in the ways of Jesus Christ. In the coming months the Church focus’ on being a disciple, a student, a learner who opens their heart, their lives to the teaching of the Holy Spirit. This parish seeks to help people grow in living the ways of Jesus and awareness and responsiveness to the Holy Spirit is a vital part of that.


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